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Horse boarding and retirement for horses.

At Cavalls Wakan we look for the best care for horses, with all the love possible, to obtain healthy and happy horses.

A boarding or removal of horses is not only to have the horse clean and fed, but it implies much more.

It is about making the life of the horse as easy, pleasant and natural as possible, so that it is always in the best physical and mental conditions, which will influence its character and behavior in a decisive way and therefore also in us. 


For this reason, a series of very important factors must be taken into account that will influence the total well-being of our horse.

Video Boarding and removal of horses

Our duty is to provide horses with the most appropriate environment and living conditions, as in nature, to satisfy all their essential biological needs and to show their natural behaviour. 

  • Social life.The horse is a herd animal and needs social life to be healthy and psychologically balanced.

  • Freedom of movement 24 hours a day. Movement is basic for the horse's metabolism and essential for the health of its hooves.

  • Free access to adequate food, forage, 24 hours a day, either in the form of grass or good quality hay.

  • A refuge from which they can enter and leave freely. A construction or natural shelters such as trees, forests or hills.

  • The optimal care of your helmets. Either with natural conditions in freedom or with correct physiological adjustments.

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