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Horse accommodation.

Basically, a horse needs to feel like a member of a herd in a safe space, move freely, have regular exercise and free access to forage and water.

Horses evolved as a social species that lived on open plains where flight was their primary method of escape from predators. Horses today still possess an inherent aversion to isolation and confinement.

The physical and social environment where the horses live will greatly influence their character, they are herd animals with a very clear and defined social structure that form very deep and lasting bonds if the living conditions allow it.

At Cavalls Wakan we opt for them to live freely and in groups with other horses.

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In freedom, horses walk constantly while grazing and also have to move between where the water is and where the food is. This constant movement helps to keep blood and lymphatic fluid moving throughout the body and to wear down the hooves as the horse moves. Movement is a basic part of a horse's life

Herd life.

Horses are  very social animals. A normal healthy horse would never live alone by choice. When horses live in a herd, they have a rich and varied social life that includes activities such as play behavior and mutual grooming behavior. This brings social stability to the group and emotional stability to the individual. 

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A horse is naturally a very active animal. The best form of exercise is lots of slow, steady movement, which is what horses do when they graze. Horses depend on movement to keep their circulation working properly and psychologically well balanced. It is not acceptable to keep horses confined to paddocks or boxes without giving them plenty of opportunity to move.

Free access to grass and water.

Horses need to have, as far as possible, a continuous supply of fiber, as well as a constant source of fresh water. Grass can provide a balanced diet from spring through fall. During the winter months, the energy content of the grass decreases, so it is necessary to supplement the horse's diet with hay. Most horses at rest or light work will not require any supplementation in their diet.

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