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Trencalòs Route
4 hours. €95

Half-day route, approximately four hours on horseback.

Leaving Cavalls Wakan, we head to the shady side of the Serra de Peracalç, going up the old path that runs through the forest, until we reach Les Escales de Peracalç. This is a staggered section paved with stones in the past, to make it easier for the stables to climb or descend from the top. At the top we find ourselves just above the Collegats gorge, and we can already see the small town of Peracalç. Here it is easy to spot some kind of scavenger such as vultures or the magical bearded vulture. We will follow the path until we reach the town, where we will dismount and rest for a while. From here we will continue down the recently paved track towards Estany de Montcortès, which we will see from above. After passing by the lake, we will return to Cavalls Wakan, in the town of Montcortès.

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