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Horse keepers.

As keepers we are an essential part in dealing with our horses,  being in constant contact with the horses, we live with them, we create very deep relationships.


We are the ones who first detect any physical or character anomaly, in addition to providing affection and care.

Horses need daily care regardless of the weather, schedules or holidays, it is a job 365 days a year, it requires a commitment.


Horse care is a labor of love.

duchando caballo-Cavalls Wakan.

Caring for a horse is great fun and very rewarding, but it is also a great responsibility, it includes having an understanding of the specific health and welfare needs of the animal and having the right knowledge and skills to care for it.

Those responsible for horses must be aware of our duty of care. Understanding how to care for a horse means keeping your best interests in mind. We also need to know when to seek advice and help and who to turn to.

Horses are by far bigger, faster and stronger than us, so good handling and manners are essential. Always without shouting, without blows and without mistreatment, with good manners, common sense and consistency. You have to be patient and calm, constant and kind, clear but firm and always understand their vision of the world, try to speak their language.

Acariciando caballos-Cavalls Wakan.
Niña acariciando potro en Cavalls Wakan

Horses speak directly to the heart, mind and soul, helping to improve our perception of ourselves and therefore our perception of the universe.

That is why the keepers who deal with horses on a daily basis are in a process of constant evolution.

We are professionals with years of experience in dealing with horses. always learning from them and from other professionals to be able to offer all this knowledge and live in harmony between horses and people.


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