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horse transport

Cavalls Wakan offers horse transport service in a van with capacity for two horses.

We are professionals with years of experience in the treatment and transport of horses.

We try that the horse does not work much the day before so that it travels rested. That he has eaten fodder, not grain, so that he is satiated and that he drinks water without restriction.


If desired, we place protectors on the legs and tail and if it is winter, a travel blanket, for the cold.

On long trips we stop every 3 hours. so that the horse relaxes and urinates if it wants, because many do not do it while running.

Always with very careful driving, especially when cornering and braking very gently.

When they arrive at their destination, after carefully lowering them, the best thing is to let them rest for a while and then introduce them to their new environment by walking with them calmly.

We must not forget to always travel with the horse's documentation up to date, its passport and the health guide if necessary.

Rate: €1/km.  

 Counting round trip to base.


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