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Pla de Corts Route
1 day. €150

One-day circular route along the old paths that linked the towns in the area.
From Cavalls Wakan and after leaving L'Estany de Montcortès behind, we will go to the town of Bretui, between natural meadows and fodder crops for livestock.

From Bretui, we will go down through the forest to the Ancs ravine, passing by the Castell de la Clua and the town of Sellui; the latter attached to the south face of a rocky slope. Once down, we will follow the ravine to Balestui, a town that we will cross under an old archway, to go down to the riverbed.

Once we have crossed the river, we will go up a beautiful bridle path, with ancient stepped and cobbled sections, among the vegetation of a rare humid Mediterranean forest. After leaving it behind and between orchards, we arrive at the medieval town of Peramea.

Here we make a stop to give water to the horses and to visit the closa village of Peramea. We will return to the path to the Dolmen de la Mosquera, a megalithic monument where we will stop to eat.

After lunch and with the horses ready again, we will continue along the old paths to Corscastell, a small town leaning against a huge rock, from where we will climb following a ravine until we reach Cavalls Wakan again,  Montcortes.

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