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At Cavalls Wakan we live with the horses and by being in constant contact with them we create very deep relationships.

We are professionals with years of experience dealing with horses, always learning from them and other professionals in order to offer all this knowledge and live in harmony between horses and people .


For us, horse management is not an art, as some propose, nor a science, it is a feeling. 

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In Cavalls Wakan you will find a family treatment for people and horses, with maximum respect for our natural environment.


We treat the horses  with good manners,  with common sense and coherence,  always trying to understand their vision of the world.

We manage more than 100 ha. of natural meadows and forests with   Certificate of Sustainable Forest Management , where the horses live free in herds, in fenced farms, with daily control and supervision.


We are also equestrian guides with qualifications and extensive experience, so we can offer countless  horseback riding routes  throughout the area, to enjoy the unbeatable environment of the Pyrenees.

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