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Cavalls Wakan is home to the American Paint Horse stallion


Prize, as we call it at home.



Prize is a magnificent American Paint Horse stallion, born in April 2007 in Aseda, about 400 km. south of Stockholm, in Sweden and now available for mating at Cavalls Wakan.

Bay coat (dark sorrel) with tobian pattern. Homozygous, which guarantees the production of color to its offspring, always giving spotted foals.

With a height at the withers of 1.53m. and corpulent constitution, muscular, wide chest and powerful hindquarters.

Noble and very calm character, docile both on the ground and on horseback, and always willing to collaborate. Character that, without a doubt, it also transmits to its offspring along with its power and resistance. 

Our stallion, Prize, always lives freely with the mares and mounts them naturally in the meadows.

The stallion can cover mares at any time of the year, but the best season is from the end of February to the end of July, which is when the quantity and quality of the semen is optimal, its stimulation before mares in heat is faster and its recovery between ride is shorter.
For mares, it is also the period of time when heat is most evident and cycles are most regular, and therefore fertility rates increase.

Living in freedom, the stallion naturally locates the mares that are close to ovulating  and initiates a courtship where it shows itself majestic and performs typical gestures such as stamping the ground, raising and stretching its head by raising the upper lip (Flehmen), while neighing and approaching the neck and head of the mare  and sometimes the hind limbs to give them a small bite._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

While the mares that are already in heat, they urinate continuously with a strong odor while they are receptive to the male, with their tails held high and opening and closing their vulva repeatedly.

With the mare covered and fertilized, all that remains is to wait patiently for 11 months of gestation until meeting the new foal.


prize cubrint snow 02 2022 (1).jpg
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