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Horse riding protocol:

You can book your horse route by contacting by phone , WhatsApp , E-mail or in person at our center. You must tell us which horse route you want to do, how many people and on what date, providing us with your name and a mobile number.

To formalize the firm reservation you must pay €20 by Bizum or credit card, as a deposit, to be deducted from the total amount of the activity. Do not forget to indicate your name and the date of the route in the Bizum.


If you cancel the reservation before 48 hours of the horse route, we will refund the entire amount paid; If the cancellation is later than 48 hours before departure, the payment and deposit will not be returned.

Cavalls Wakan reserves the right to cancel the route for any reason we consider, offering reservations new dates for the route or a full refund of the amount paid.

On the day of departure, you must show up at our Cavalls Wakan center in Montcortès about 15 minutes before the reservation time. After getting to know each other, we will confirm the reservation, you will fill in the compulsory insurance form and, if applicable, the authorization for minors.

Next, we will proceed to the total payment of the activity, discounting the payment and signal, or the collection of the voucher or bonus, if you have already paid it previously. Remember that you can pay in cash, by card or Bizum.

Once the insurance procedures and collection of the activity have been completed, we will give you the helmets and we will distribute your horse to each one to go out one by one to the track where we will have the first contact with our horse. Creating a bond with the horse reassures us and allows him to feel safe with your presence.

Each one with his horse already on the track, we will check the saddle, we will help you to mount, we will adjust the stirrups to your needs and we will give you a brief explanation of safety and handling of the horse to enjoy a comfortable and safe horse route.

Once mounted, we will maintain a relaxed posture and hold the reins as they have explained to us, since these are the extension of the hands on the horse and with them we will direct it.

We will leave the track in the order assigned to each one and we will keep the line. Our guide will give you instructions for handling the horses and explanations of what we see during the route, the flora and fauna of the environment, the horses and their behavior and any concerns or doubts that you want to consult.

All the routes are circular, starting and ending in the center of Cavalls Wakan, and in all of them we pass at some point through the Estany de Montcortès Protected Natural Area. 

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