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Route of the Masia de Peracalç
2 days. €280

Two-day circular route from Cavalls Wakan in Montcortès to Masía de Peracalç. Traditional country house from Pallaresa documented since the 14th century, located in a natural enclave of singular beauty.

From Cavalls Wakan we take the old path that goes up, after leaving behind   the meadows of the terminus, towards the town of Peracalç through the shady forest and the peracalç steps, a section that still preserves the cobblestones of the ground and the ancient steps to facilitate the passage of animals and their loads, for hundreds of years before the arrival of paved roads and motor vehicles.

From Peracalç, we will take the track in the direction of Roc de Sant Aventí, 1,482 m. in the direction of the currently abandoned town of Montsor. Strategically located on the old communication route between Pallars Jussa and Pallars Sobirà until the opening of the Collegats pass, when the town was left out of the passing routes and began to be abandoned. Despite its dilapidated state, we can still appreciate its vila closa structure, in which the walls of the houses acted as a wall and enclosed the town inside, protecting itself from possible attackers by simply closing the two access doors.

From here, and with impressive views over the Sant Antoni reservoir and Pobla de Segur, we will begin the descent to Masía de Peracalç. Located at 985 m. altitude, below the towns of Peracalç and Montsor, with its 1825 chapel dedicated to Sant Feliu el African, the Masía de Peracalç is halfway between the municipalities of Baix Pallars and La Pobla de Segur, sheltered from the sleeping giant geganta, on the Congost de Collegats.

Here   we will unsaddle and leave the horses ready for the night, with food and water. Then, we can enjoy the hospitality of the current inhabitants of the Masía, who will offer us dinner and accommodation. La Masía de Peracalç, despite being completely isolated and thanks to the efforts of its inhabitants, currently has all the modern services, showers, hot water, electricity and heating, so we can completely relax after the hours spent on the horses .


The next day, after a good breakfast, we will prepare the horses to restart the  march back to Montcortès. We will go up the old path from La Masia to Peracalç, fording two ravines until we reach the top of the town. From here we will continue to Coll de Mentui and go down to Lake Montcortès, to head towards Cavalls Wakan, the beginning and end of our route.

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