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Coverage fee: €500

1.    The stallion Rocking Sir Prize is healthy and suitable for mating mares, with confirmed fertility and DNA analysis as homozygous tobiano.
2.    The mare must not be shod when deposited for covering.
3.    The mare may come accompanied by her previous foal, who will be given the best possible care.
4.    A copy of the mare's letter and original passport will be delivered upon arrival of the mare.
5.    A general and gynecological health certificate of the mare to be covered (diagnosis of metritis) will be presented.
6.    The mare will remain at Cavalls Wakan living with the stallion for 15 days, and may repeat for another equal period if she does not get pregnant.
7.    The stay of the mare during this time is included in the price.
8.     Confirmation of pregnancy is the responsibility of the owner.
9.    The price of the mating includes the guarantee of obtaining a live product except for health problems of the mare.
10.    Cavalls Wakan may deny the mating of any mare if, in its opinion, the animal does not present adequate sanitary conditions, lack of elementary dressage or bad character, if this would pose a risk to the stallion or staff.
11.    The owner exempts Cavalls Wakan from any accident that the mare to be covered or her foal, if any, could suffer or any disease that she could contract. If this happened, the owner of the mare would be notified as soon as possible so that he could send his veterinarian, or if expressly requested, Cavalls Wakan would notify his own veterinarian, with the owner of the mare being responsible for the minute of the veterinarian, as well as the medications and other expenses that may be required in his treatment. 
12.    When depositing the mare, a covering contract will be signed by both parties and the entire amount will be paid.


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